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  • Rachel Dunn

Hospital Bag Checklist

I have put together a basic list of items you and your partner will need for the hospital.


· Bath robe

· Slippers

· Flip -flops (for the bathroom/shower)

· 1-2 nursing bras

· 5-6 pairs of underwear (in case you do not like the mesh underwear that the hospital provides)

· 2-3 pairs of socks

· 2-3 comfortable tops that are easy to nurse in

· 2 pairs of sweatpants

· 2-3 nightgowns

· Going home outfit for Mom (something comfortable)

· 2 Going home outfit for baby in size newborn & 0-3 months

· 1 Receiving blanket

· Car seat/car seat cover


· Shampoo/Conditioner

· Face wash

· Body wash

· Razor

· Deodorant

· Toothbrush/Toothpaste

· Face/body lotion

· Chapstick

· Hairbrush/Hair-Ties

· Contacts/Glasses

· Medications. Although nurses will distribute any medications you are on through the hospital’s pharmacy, I suggest bringing your own as well. I have seen first hand medications not being given because of a glitch in the hospital pharmacy's computer system (this happened to me). Keep an emergency stash in your bag.

· Towel/face cloth (This is more preference - hospital towels are TINY and not soft/comfortable)


· Extra-long phone charger

· Headphones

· Noise machine (This is a preference thing, but not required. I brought my noise machine because I am a light sleeper and sensitive to noise and it made all the difference).

· Pillow (This is a preference thing, but not required).

· Non-perishable snacks/drinks (good idea to know hospital’s policy with leaving room)

· Boppy pillow for nursing/holding baby

· Birth plan (make a few copies)

· Photo I.D. and insurance card

· Your pediatrician contact info (you will call the pediatrician’s office while in the hospital to schedule your first visit – visit is usually within 48 hours of being home).

· Reading material, iPad, Laptop, writing pad or journal/pen to take notes, write down questions and thoughts.

· Extra disposable masks (hospital may/may not provide)

Partner should pack:

· Outfit and pajamas for each day/night

· Underwear

· Socks

· Sweatshirt

· Sandals for shower

· Slippers

· Toiletries

· Medications

· Phone charger

· Reading material/other entertainment

· Top sheet (to put down on the bed), blanket & pillow (every sleeping arrangement at the hospital is different. Some provide an actual bed while others provide a chair that transforms into a sleeper. Ask the hospital what they provide and use your best judgement on what to bring for your partner’s comfort. If you would prefer to stay in the hospital for the full coverage, its best they are comfortable and getting adequate rest).

* Leave jewelry (engagement/wedding rings) and other personable valuables at home.

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